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VerbeekdeCaluwé can boast more than 30 years of experience in employment law and corporate law practice. The lawyers of VerbeekdeCaluwé deviate from the beaten track, if necessary. They have the knowledge, experience and creativity to do so. VerbeekdeCaluwé’s lawyers form a close-knit team and work from different backgrounds. They love their job.

VerbeekdeCaluwé advises individuals and companies in all possible corporate law and employment law issues. High-quality legal advice should be accessible to everyone. The lawyers of VerbeekdeCaluwé always strive for constructive solutions outside the courtroom, but if there is no other option, they are happy to litigate. VerbeekdeCaluwé also has many years of experience in the field of mediation. The mediation techniques give us more tools to resolve conflicts, in the interest of our clients.


The service provided by VerbeekdeCaluwé is personal and professional. When a client needs advice about another area of law, VerbeekdeCaluwé can involve or refer to competent colleagues within her network.

30 years

30 years


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Labor law

VerbeekdeCaluwé advises and litigates on all aspects of employment law and employee participation law. VerbeekdeCaluwé’s lawyers have extensive experience in providing employment law advice and resolving employment law conflicts.

They are also the sparring partner for directors, board of directors and supervisory boards in all kinds of employment law issues. VerbeekdeCaluwé advises in small and large reorganization processes, collective and individual dismissal and employee participation procedures.

You can therefore contact VerbeekdeCaluwé with all your questions about employment law. We assist both employers and employees.

Corporate law

VerbeekdeCaluwé’s corporate lawyers specialize in corporate and commercial litigation. The practice is both national and international. The practice comprises inquiry proceedings, liability of managing and inquiry proceedings, liability of managing and suspensory directors, warranty claims under M&A contracts, liability vis-à-vis investors, conflicts between joint venture partners and several contracted conflicts. Quality, proactivity and a pragmatic approach are characteristic.


The number of mediations is increasing. Mediation is increasingly being used to resolve a conflict out of court. In mediation there is no polarization and legal battle, but parties prefer a faster solution in which they resolve their conflict themselves through mediation by an independent professional based on mutual interests. Based on substantive knowledge and experience, our mediation approach is characterized by steering where necessary and respecting one’s own choices where possible. The aim is to guide parties in finding a business solution to the conflict in a way that everyone involved can agree with. Always with attention to the person and individual interests.

Our location

Our office is located in the Olympic Stadium in Amsterdam South. Easy to reach and there is always a parking space available directly below our office.

A lively place with many business activities and nice restaurants.