Robbert-Jan Winters

Robbert-Jan Winters studied law at the University of Amsterdam and Leiden University. During his bachelor’s degree in law at the UvA, he was a student assistant at the International Criminal Law and European Law departments. He then decided to delve into the foundations of law at Leiden University, where he followed the master’s specialization in Encyclopedia and Philosophy of Law. He wrote his master’s thesis at Oxford, where he spent a trimester as part of the Grahame Lock exchange programme. In 2014 he graduated cum laude.


In recent years he has been working on a dissertation on the English philosopher and historian Michael Oakeshott and has taught at Leiden University. His dissertation is almost finished, being eager for a new challenge, he decided to leave the academy to become a lawyer. He started working for VerbeekdeCaluwé per 1 January 2021 as professional support lawyer. Since 1 September 2022 he is an attorney at law.